1. How do Your Services Work and what can I Expect?

First you choose the service you want, Duo or Solo boost and the divisions you wish to climb. After we receive your payment and user information, we assign one of our D1 - Challenger boosters to complete the order. You may customize your order and we will begin working on your account immediately.

2. How can I be sure my Account won't be Stolen?

Every email-verified account is safe and can't be stolen. We take extreme care to ensure that your information is kept secure.

3. Do the Boosters have Access to my IP/RP?

Boosters are not allowed to use your IP/RP unless permission is given to. They will message you and wait for your response before taking action. In some cases champion purchase might speed up the order significantly.

4. How many Boosters will be Active on my Account?

Usually, only one booster is associated with one account, so only they will have access and only they can play on your account. In case something unexpected happens, they might be replaced by another qualified booster to ensure that your order is completed on time.

5. Can I spectate the games when booster is playing?

Yes, you can spectate him through our website. We have a system that allows you to easily spectate the games while booster is working on your account. It is also possible to spectate through friend list with another account or OP.GG. 

6. Can I talk to the Booster?

You may chat with the booster about any questions or concerns using the chat interface found in the customer dashboard.

7. What if I am Dissatisfied with the Booster on my Account? Can I Switch Boosters?

If you aren't satisfied with the booster, please contact us immediately and we will transfer the order to another booster on your request.

8. How much Time is Needed for Boosting Services?

Boosters are instructed to climb at least 1 division per day. The required time varies based on the details of each order. These factors include type of boost, how many games/divisions are purchased, and external factors outside of our control. External factors include in-game patches, server status, and unforeseen circumstances. However, you can be assured that our team is focused on completing your order as quickly as possible.

9. Can I play on my account while you are working on it?

You may play on your account during a boosting service, but please be sure that the booster is not logged into your account. Also refrain from playing any ranked games during a boost, as this conflicts with the services we are providing. 

10. Are the Boosters Toxic during Games?

When we hire boosters, we make sure that they are able to stay professional and respectful while working. We have zero tolerance policy for any kind of negative or toxic behavior on customers accounts.

11. Do you have Coaching?

Yes we do! All our coaches are verified D1 - Challenger EUW/NA players and we have very detailed instructions given to every coach how coaching should be done. Most of them have previous experience as well :)

12. Once I pay for Boost, what do I do Next?

Once you have paid for the boost, make sure you register on our site and then log into your account. You will receive a confirmation link by email to create a new account. After you are logged into your  account, you will customize the details for your boost service. Once you’ve customized your boosting order, we will assign a booster to begin your order.

13. Is there an Option to Play DuoQ with my Booster?

Absolutely. Select a DuoQ option from our services and you may play with assigned booster throughout the order.

14. I have a Specific Order for Summoners, can the booster do it?

Yes, that is easily done through key bindings. If you have any other preferences regarding settings or item slots, please contact the booster through your order.

15. Will the booster talk to my league friends while the boost is active?

No, the booster will have the ability to play offline, this means that the in-game chat is unavailable and they can't receive or send any messages.

16. If I am not Satisfied with a Boost I Bought from you, can I get a Refund?

Once the services are completed, a refund is not possible. However, if you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us on Live Support and we will address your complaint and take proper action in case booster did something that wasn't up to our standards.

17. I Bought a Boost for a Specific Division, but you guys Achieved a Higher one, will I be Charged more Money?

No, the price for order is fixed. Any rank you achieved above the rank you purchased is free of charge.

18. What Servers do You Boost on?

Our services are available on the following servers; North America, EU West, EU North-East, Oceania, Russia, Turkey and Latin America North.

19. I bought a Boost, but I selected the Wrong League or Division, what Should I do?

Contact us on customer support or on our discord server. Our staff will help you with the issue as soon as possible.

20. Will the Booster Change my Runes?

If you don't want some of your Rune pages to be changed, please let the booster know about that. However, we require to have at least one Rune page available for the booster to change so the order would be completed as efficiently as possible.